Encounter Elkhart at our Spring Event

We invite you to the Spring Gathering of the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association on Saturday, June 12, 2021

8:45 a.m. EDT – Meet at the Lerner Theatre – 410 S. Main St.  https://thelerner.com/  Ample parking available.

9:00 – 10:00 Behind the Scenes Tour, including seeing and hearing the 1924 Kimball Pipe organ. $8

10:00 – 10:30 Drive to the Elkhart County Visitor Center for historical presentation, box lunch and our business meeting – 3421 Cassopolis St. (www.visitelkhartcounty.com).  Social distancing and masks required during the meeting.

10:30 – 11:30 Presentation by local historian Larry App on Elkhart history and preservation efforts.

11:30 – 12:00 Box lunch catered by Baker’s Nook. $12. Bottled water provided or bring your own soft beverage.

12:00 – 1:30 Annual Meeting  We will ZOOM the business meeting portion for all who wish to participate in that way rather than in person. The meeting ID through ZOOM and the Passcode will be provided to all who request it.   The business meeting will be completed by no later than 1:30. Agenda and background information will be provided in advance to expedite the meeting.  Here is the form for the meeting registration and lunch menu options: https://indianalincolnhighway.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Encounter-Elkhart-INLHA-Spring-Event-Registration-Form.pdf

Payment can be made by check or via PayPal by using the “Donation: button on our homepage. You can use the PayPal “Donate” button with a credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account, Just include a comment on the PayPal site that the payment is for the meeting – thanks. We need to hear from each of you who will attend either in person or remotely. Please register by June 9.

Lincoln Highway Parade in downtown Elkhart – June 23, 1915

Website problems

I’m sorry to say that the PayPal donate button on our homepage is not working. Also the Become a Member PayPal button on our Contact / Membership page is also not working. We will try to fix this ASAP.

You can still make a donation or join the Indiana Lincoln HIghway Association (INLHA) by sending a check to Indiana Lincoln Highway Association, 801 W. Washington St.
South Bend, IN 46601.

If you have a PayPal account you can make a donation or join the INLHA by sending a payment to INLHA@outlook.com.

Thanks for your consideration – and stay safe and healthy.

A Year End Message

Please visit our website’s homepage and read the year end letter from Jeff Blair – the President of the Indiana Chapter of the Lincoln HIghway Association. Just go here:

And please consider the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association for your year end giving. The new CARES Act expands charitable giving incentives and allows taxpayers who take the standard deduction to make up to $300 of charitable contributions to qualified charities by December 31 this year only. For those who do itemize their deductions, the new law allows for cash contributions to qualified charities such as the INLHA to be deducted up to 100 percent of your adjusted gross income for the 2020 calendar year.
Details of the law can be found here:
Charitable gifts can be mailed in with a check, or with credit card through the PayPal button on our homepage

Here’s another way you can support the INLHA: Did you know your purchases can make a difference? AmazonSmile donates to Indiana Lincoln Highway Association Inc. when you do your holiday shopping at smile.amazon.com/ch/68-0661158. Thanks for your support!

Have a happy holiday – and stay safe and healthy!

Whether by Car or Computer, ZOOM to Hanna For our Fall Event

We invite you to the Fall Gathering of the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association on Saturday, October 24, in Hanna.  We have not been able to meet in person for nearly a year and I think it is important we do so. On the other hand, I know some are concerned about safety so here is the plan:

  • Meet at Rumors Restaurant at 9:00 a.m. CDT (10:00 EDT).
    Address: 12 Moore St, Hanna, IN 46340
  • Program being developed for 1- 1 1/2 hours in and around Hanna (history, bridges, etc.).
  • Business Meeting at Rumors upstairs from the restaurant beginning at 10:30 to 10:45 CDT.
  • Social distancing provided and masks worn by all throughout the business meeting.
  • Rumors has WiFi so we will ZOOM the business meeting portion to anyone who wishes to participate in that way, rather than attending the meeting in person. The meeting ID through ZOOM is 840-4357-5178 and the Passcode is 752048
  • Business meeting completed by no later than 12:15-12:30 followed by lunch.  I hope to place orders by 12:00 so that we can eat and leave prior to 1:00 CST.  Cost of lunch is on your own.
  • We will mail documents to everyone ahead of time to expedite the meeting. We need to hear from each of you who will attend either in person or remotely. Please call Jeff at 574-527-4227 or email the INLHA office so we can send you the meeting materials.

Lincoln Highway BuyWay Yard Sale

LH BuyWay Yard Sale – Ohio is still planning to participate in the annual LH BuyWay Yard Sale-August 13-15. Due to the COVID-19 and being cautious, the Indiana Lincoln Highway Association will NOT support any sales along the 2 routes in Indiana. If folks want to take the chance and have a sale, go for it. But please be safe and follow the CDC Guidelines. Thank you.

2020 Indiana Lincoln Highway Sign Project

One of our top projects right now is the addition of more of the LH BYWAY signs that you see across our 2 alignments. We placed our first signs about 3 years ago and some need replacing, some routing has changed, some were actually stolen, and some extras are being added to benefit the traveler. If you can, we ask you help contribute to this project. Each sign costs over $40 and each turn arrow costs nearly $15 and we need 70-80 more, so you can see it adds up quickly.

All donations are tax deductible, as the INLHA is a 501 (c) (3) organization for IRS purpose. You can use the PayPal “Donate” button on our homepage with a credit card even if you don’t have PayPal account.