Fort Wayne’s Cindy’s Diner in the news

Cindy’s Diner was recently reviewed in the Fort Wayne, by Cindy Larson:

“If anybody ever asked me for a list of the top 10 must-experience restaurants in Fort Wayne, of course Cindy’s Diner would be near the top.

This little gem anchors the corner of Wayne and Harrison (Lincoln Highway) streets downtown and is beloved by many. The 1953 luncheonette owned by John and Cindy Scheele was moved to its present location in 1990.

Cindy’s motto is “serving the world, 15 at a time” because that’s all the seats the tiny diner holds, although they have added a few tables outside.”

Photo by Cindy Larson of The News-Sentinel

Cindy’s Diner is actually bigger than normal for a Valentine Diner, as many models from this Kansas manufacturer only had 8 – 10 stools.  You can read more about these diners at the Kansas Historical Society website: