2015 Lincoln Highway Association National Conference


The 2015 Lincoln Highway Association National Conference is sponsored by the Indiana Chapter of the Lincoln Highway Association (LHA). Join us as we go back to our roots in Michigan for the 23rd Annual LHA Conference. Although the Lincoln Highway does not go through Michigan, the original Lincoln Highway Association was headquartered in Detroit from 1913 to 1928 in three different buildings. Six of the original officers and directors were from Detroit. The University of Michigan, Special Collections Library, Transportation Section has the archives of the Lincoln Highway Association. An official Lincoln Highway feeder route led from Elkhart, IN to Detroit. So there is much to see and experience as we go “home” to Michigan!

All events exclusive of the tours will be held at the Conference Host Hotel, the Holiday Inn Ann Arbor, 3600 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 41805 – conveniently located just off exit 41 of US 23.

For those flying in to the area – the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is located just off I-94. Take I-94 West to US 23 North, then take exit 41 for Plymouth Rd west for the Holiday Inn Ann Arbor – the Host Hotel. This is about 26 miles and 30 minutes away.

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